NO MATTER YOU NEED TO FOCUS FROM 8 TO 5 OR YOU JUST NEED A HOT DESK WHILE TRAVELLING AMONG YOUR accounts AROUND THE universe. we in full house hub believe that despite we do not possess infinite space we are able to offer you suitable plan for your type of work.


You have your dedicated spot (Herman Miller Mirra chair and desk) and it is all yours. You can leave your belongings (object has 24/7 surveillance) behind, Your mug and your family photoframes are safe with this plan.

4800 CZK/month


Great for laptop only nomads. If you don’t need to sit on your own chair you can try a different one everyday. Sitting desks or standing desks are here for you. Clean desk policy apply by EOP.

3500 CZK/month


Time hoppers choice of the year. If you need to hop on for random gathering, recharge batteries and hop off while done, this plan is the right match for you. Let us know at least 1 day before you land here and we will set you up.

500 CZK/day